General information about digital.nsw

What is digital.nsw?

Digital.nsw is the home of NSW Government’s digital transformation. It is designed to showcase and support digital government projects as we track towards digital transformation, and to build a thriving community of digital thinkers and practitioners within the public sector.

The new site is very much a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) and will evolve over time based on feedback and input from our communities.

Why was digital.nsw developed?

Following the release of the Digital Government Strategy in May 2017, we asked our colleagues across government what they needed to realise the vision for an agile, responsive public sector.

Digital.nsw supports agencies to accelerate digital ways of working and outcomes. It provides a central platform that allows users to:

  • Access resources to support the design and delivery of digital policies and services
  • Learn about the digital projects happening across the NSW public sector
  • Connect with digital teams and practitioners across government

Are there new features planned for digital.nsw?

Digital.nsw is being released in stages. Features and content will be added, tested and updated over time to ensure the website stays relevant and fit for purpose.

In the short term, a single sign on layer will be added, enabling NSW Government employees to access other products in the digital.nsw ‘family’.


The data visualisation will also be integrated with other reporting processes to reduce effort and generate a more comprehensive view of government’s digital transformation.

Why are we reporting on digital government projects?

Building a comprehensive view of the digital projects happening across government helps to:

  • Identify collaboration opportunities and reduce duplication
  • Baseline and support the NSW public sector’s digital capability
  • Reduce inefficiency by developing state-wide rather than siloed solutions
  • Monitor progress over time.

What information does the data visualisation display?

The data visualisation on digital.nsw shows digital government projects at various stages of completion across the NSW public sector.

Digital Government Implementation Plans (DGIPs) have been reported by each cluster and will be updated twice a year with new information. There is no threshold for the number or type of digital projects that can be reported from each cluster.

For the purposes of the visualisation, individual projects have been grouped according to the digital government priority they most closely align with - Customer Experience (CX), Data or Digital on the Inside. We recognise that many projects address more than one priority.

Why is there such a range of budget figures?

The data displayed is from the first round of reporting under the Digital Government Strategy. While we have done our best to encourage reporting against financial year figures for 2017-18, sometimes this is not possible to do in practice.

Due to the range of investment types and spending patterns, budget figures should be treated as indicative. We are working internally to improve consistency as we go forward.

Which departments publish information on the data visualisation?

All NSW Government clusters must report on the implementation of the Digital Government Strategy. The information in the data visualisation is from each cluster’s Digital Government Implementation Plan (DGIP).

How often is information updated?

The information displayed in the data visualisation will be updated every six months in accordance with the reporting requirements under the Digital Government Strategy.

How will the information be used?

The information collected on digital government projects will be used to shape new projects at the whole-of-government level and across agencies.

Building a picture of what we’re doing to transform the way we work in the public sector allows us to collaborate with the people of NSW to build and deliver smarter public services.

How can the information be shared?

Clusters have agreed to publication and sharing of the data on digital.nsw. We support use of the data for research, analysis and reporting purposes.

The information published under our project is incorrect or incomplete. How do I request an update?

The information provided is through the biannual Digital Government Implementation Plan (DGIP) reporting process. This has been approved by your Cluster Chief Information Officers. Requests for changes to the information provided can be directed to the Digital Government team at