Governance of the Digital Restart Fund


DRF is governed through the Expenditure Committee and the DRF Steering Committee.

Expenditure Review Committee

ERC approved the establishment of the Digital Restart Fund. It approves funding for ‘scale- funded’ and ‘seed- funded’ projects and reviews the performance of the fund annually.

Sponsors and Projects submit business cases for review by the DRF Working Group (who endorse projects <$5m) and DRF Steering Committee (who endorse projects >$5m) for consideration by the ERC.

Digital Restart Fund Steering Committee

Includes representatives from the Department of Customer Service, Treasury, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Regional NSW, representation from the ICT and Digital Leadership Group (IDLG) and Infrastructure NSW. The committee:

  • Develops the strategy for the Digital Restart Fund.
  • Endorses prioritisation of projects.
  • Reviews the recommendations and made by the Digital Restart Fund Working Group.
  • Recommends and endorses seed and scale funded projects for ERC approval.
  • Monitors portfolio health.
  • Provides a quarterly update to Cabinet Infrastructure Committee on the operation of the whole fund, and to ERC when required.

The Steering Committee meets at least quarterly and as required.

Digital Restart Fund Working Group (Includes representatives from the Department of Customer Service, Treasury and the Department of Premier and Cabinet.)

The working group:

  • Recommends projects for the pipeline and helps prioritise investments.
  • Reviews Lean Business Cases under $5 million before they go to Expenditure Review Committee for approval.
  • Review's business cases and makes recommendation to Steering Committee for scale funded projects (>$5 million).
  • Escalates issues to the Digital Restart Fund Steering Committee as necessary.

The DRF meets at least quarterly and as required.

Cabinet Infrastructure Committee

As part of its function in relation to digital investment in NSW, Cabinet Infrastructure Committee:

  • Monitors and oversees the state’s customer and digital infrastructure strategies, programs and policies, including consideration of any risks as well as coordination between digital and physical infrastructure programs.
  • Monitors Portfolio health of ICT and Digital Projects through regular ICT Assurance reporting.

Information and Privacy Commission NSW

Provides advice to all DRF funded projects that may have access to government information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, and the protection of personal information under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 or health information under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. Read more about the role of the commission.

Cybersecurity NSW

Provides prioritised list of Cyber investments under DRF and advises on cybersecurity risks /mitigation for selected DRF referred projects. Read more about Cyber Security Policy in NSW.

ICT and Digital Leadership Group (IDLG)

Chaired by the Government Chief Information and Digital Officer, this group is made up of all of the Government Cluster’s Chief Digital/Technology officers. This group is responsible for Whole of Government ICT and Digital Strategy and consulted on the priorities for state digital assets and front line systems modernisation (legacy) project proposals before we make recommendations to Cabinet.

Digital Restart Team at the Department of Customer Service

We’re here to help. We advise people on their business cases, prepare cabinet submissions for Cabinet and ERC, and provide secretariat duties for the Fund’s working groups and steering committees. The team also oversee the day-to-day administration of the Fund.


  • Review business cases, including cost-benefit analysis, for accuracy and to make sure that they comply with Treasury policy. This also includes how funding might be structured and what the impact will be on overall cluster budgets.
  • Makes sure that the fund keeps within budget parameters and facilitates financial adjustments to budget estimates if necessary.

Project Teams/Clusters/Agencies

Each project needs a senior executive sponsor (Executive director or above). Each cluster/agencies is responsible for participating in the pipeline process. The project team is responsible for developing business cases and ensuring that it complies with its Cluster’s internal governance, assurance, treasury guidelines and reporting requirements. The sponsor is accountable to the DRF Steering Committee for achieving the outcomes and benefits described in the approved business case and reporting to DCS on project progress.

Contact details for Cluster representatives:

Education: Jacqueline Parker
Health: Graham Baum (eHealth NSW)
Transport EPMO: Chris Molony
Treasury CIO: Tracey Wilson
DPC: Wendy Bryant
DPIE: Prajwal Subedi
Regional: George Argy
Stronger Communities: Justin Paine
DCS PMO: Daniela Polit

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