Is my project eligible?

Your NSW Government project is eligible if:

Life Events

The project improves the customer experience of those accessing a service or product due to a life event, such as having a baby. It will aim to identify gaps and opportunities to innovate and create a more efficient service delivery. 
State Digital Assets 

A product or service that can be used across more than one NSW government agency to ensure a consistent experience, reduce duplication and save costs. 
Legacy Systems

The project transforms Legacy Systems to reduce development costs, risks and complexity and improve processes, data consistency and collaboration. 
Capability Building

The project provides new approaches to the learning and skill development of NSW government employees in a risk-free environment that fosters exploration, innovation and best practices relating to the customer-service experience.

Funding reservations 

Cyber Security 

In June 2020, the NSW Government set aside up to $240 million of the Digital Restart Fund for cyber security, to uplift cyber security maturity, which is a critical part of transformation. All cyber security business cases will be assessed in the same way as other business cases. 

Smart Places 

In December 2020, the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) approved a $45 million funding envelope over a three-year period for Smart Places Acceleration Program under the Digital Restart Fund.  

Projects that will not be considered for funding include: 

  • Projects based around physical Infrastructure 
  • Projects that involve local government 
  • Projects focused on business-as-usual technology run costs 
  • Projects already fully funded by other funding sources   
  • Operating technology (e.g., card scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, signals) 
  • General innovation lab funding 
  • Projects focused on software licensing or current budget shortfalls 
  • Multi-year funding proposals (This fund is iterative. If you receive seed funding and your project is successful, you can apply again to fund the next steps of your project) 
  • Requests from the delivery partner, rather than the agency responsible for delivering the project (e.g., cluster labs) 

If you need help with the eligibility criteria, please contact Ramesh Murthy

If your project does not meet the eligibility criteria, there may be alternative funding options available. To learn more, please contact your Chief Financial Officer or the project management office in your cluster or NSW Treasury. 

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