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The NSW Gateway Policy establishes the overarching framework for Gateway in NSW, with the objective of focusing Gateway resources on those investments that present the greatest risk profile, to deliver independent assurance to project owners and to Government as the investor.
NSW ICT Assurance Framework

Gateway review guidelines

Gate 1 – Strategic alignment

  • Evaluate that business needs align with strategic imperative, investment principles and enterprise architecture
  • Focus on value for money
  • Ensure preventative measures for potential risk

Gate 2 – Business case

  • Evaluate the current business case
  • Focus on plans to realise benefits
  • Ensure optimum project strength before the next phase

Gate 3 – Pre-execution

  • Evaluate the procurement approach
  • Focus on warning signs early in the project
  • Ensure business plans are defined and agreed

Gate 4 – Tender evaluation

  • Evaluate solutions prior to fund commitment
  • Focus on business milestones
  • Ensure readiness for next phase

Gate 5 – Pre-commissioning

  • Evaluate further measures to achieve planned benefits
  • Focus on service delivery
  • Ensure strength of management

Gate 6 – Post-implementation

  • Evaluate the anticipated benefits and their delivery
  • Focus on ongoing improvements and value
  • Ensure plans for future provision

Health Check

  • Business Case and stakeholders
  • Review of current phase
  • Assessment of delivery approach
  • Assessment of preferred option
  • Risk management

Whole-of-Government Policies, Standards and Priorities

Case Studies

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