Policies and guidelines to support the design and delivery of digital products, systems and services

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ICT Assurance Framework

The IAF provides a standardised, rigorous approach to overseeing NSW Government's investment in ICT projects. Its purpose is to improve ICT investment outcomes, reduce risk and deliver projects on time and on budget. The framework applies to all ICT projects that are in-flight, about to commence, or are planned for the next financial year, with an estimated total cost of $10 million and above.

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Procure IT Framework

A review has begun into how the current ICT procurement system works. In the meantime, NSW Government agencies must continue to use the Procure IT Framework to buy ICT-related goods and services. This framework provides standard terms and conditions for use by all government agencies when purchasing ICT goods and services.

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Information Management Framework

Data and information flow through every work process, impact every decision, and hold the potential for insights and innovation. Managing this information in a secure, structured and consistent manner across government is essential to deliver smart, simple and seamless services to the people of NSW.

The Information Management Framework brings together a set of standards and policies to explain how data should be used in government agencies. We are constantly looking to fine tune the guidelines to improve performance. This means we will seek feedback on what works and what doesn’t, and use this feedback to update the framework.

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Data Quality

High quality data delivers insights faster and with confidence. The NSW Government Standard for Data Quality Reporting helps people to evaluate government data to determine its suitability for re-use.

We are also developing a Data Quality Framework including supporting standards that enable agencies achieve best practice data quality management, assessment and maturity measurement. These materials will be made available via the Information Management Framework.

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