There are a range of support services available to NSW Government agencies to help deliver smart, simple, seamless services to citizens. This includes:

  • Reviewing project proposals with a whole-of-government lens to reduce delivery risks
  • Streamlining processes to make it easier to engage partners
  • Providing advisory support in cyber security, digital delivery and data and information management

Buying ICT

We see data culture and data practice as essential components that support legislation and policy, and technical solutions to enable better decision making

Cyber security

Strong cyber security is an important component of the NSW Digital Government Strategy. View the Policy.

Managing Data & Information

Find templates and best practice guidance, including the Information Management Framework

ICT Assurance

Find out how the ICT Assurance Framework supports agencies to deliver successful ICT projects

Enterprise Architecture

Learn how to design and plan for success

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The NSW Government AI Strategy is focused on improved service delivery and government decision-making.