Buying ICT

Using mandated whole-of-government contracts

Check to see if the product or service you’re buying is available on a mandated whole-of-government contract. These contracts cover items such as laptops, printers, and software. You’ll need to use a mandated whole-of-government contract if one exists and meets your requirement.

Using suppliers on the ICT Services Scheme

If you’re buying ICT that’s not on a mandated whole-of-government contract, you’ll need to use a supplier that’s registered on the ICT Services Scheme

Buying up to $10,000

You don’t need to use a mandated whole-of-government contract or a supplier on the ICT Services Scheme if you’re purchasing ICT valued up to $10,000 (excluding GST).

Buying up to $150,000

Up to $150,000 (ex. GST), you may buy directly from an SME (regardless if on the ICT Services Scheme or a mandated ICT contract). This is permitted by the SME and Regional Procurement Policy.

Buying from $150,001 and up to $250,000

First Consider an SME or Regional Supplier or Aboriginal Supplier. 

Under the NSW Government ICT/Digital Sovereign Procurement Commitments, you may buy up to $250,000 (excl. GST) direct from an SME supplier on the ICT Services Scheme, even when good or service you are buying is available on a whole-of-government contract. Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements (TPA) is exempt from this permission and must be used for buying TPA covered goods or services over $100k. For ICT consultancy services, SME supplier must accept all elements of the ICT consulting commercial framework to be considered.

Thresholds and buying process

PBD 2020-05 specifies the thresholds and quotation requirements for buying ICT.

Agencies are responsible for selecting a sufficient number of suitable Suppliers to ensure probity, fairness and value in keeping with the PBD 2020-04 , Enforceable Procurement Provisions (EPP) Direction and NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework.

Entering into a contract with a supplier

Under the PBD 2021-02, you need to use the ICT Purchasing Framework when you’re purchasing ICT. The Procure IT Framework comprises:

To determine the right contracting framework, use the risk assessment tool DOCX, 802.47 KB

Where to get help?

Information on how to buy ICT goods and services can be found on the “How to Buy” tab of the ICT Services Scheme page. ICT Services Scheme handbook for buyers provides basic guidance for buyers. Visit buy.nsw for more information on plan, source and manage stages of buying process . The ICT/Digital Sourcing branch within DCS manages the whole-of-Government ICT sourcing. If you need to contact the team, please email [email protected]

How do I get regular updates?

ICT/Digital Sourcing Branch holds a quarterly community of practice event ICT Knowledge Network to discuss relevant ICT/Digital sourcing topics. This event is exclusive to NSW Government employees. To join, please email [email protected]