Making data open

The NSW Open Data Policy directs NSW Government agencies to proactively:

  • Release high value data
  • Ensure data is made safe for public release
  • Engage with stakeholders

NSW Government agencies are also encouraged to assess and improve the way they manage open data as a strategic asset and embed open data as business as usual activity. The Open Data Institute has developed resources to harness the potential of open data for improved policy-making, and social, economic and environmental benefit.

Open data checklist

Find out how to release government data safely and effectively

NSW Open Data Policy

Find out about the NSW Government Open Data Policy, including open data principles and agencies repsonsibilities

Prioritising high value datasets

Find out how to identify and prioritise high value datasets

Models for open data maturity

Find out about different open data maturity models

Open data a business-as-usual practice

Find out how to make open data a business-as-usual- practice in your work

Safeguarding open data

Find out about approaches to safeguarding data for open data release

Engaging stakeholders to open data

Find out how to engage stakeholders to assist the release of open data

Engaging the public to open data

Find out how to engage the public in open data initiatives

Making data available through APIs

Find out how to make data available through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Uploading open datasets to Data NSW

Find out how to upload dataseta to the NSW Government's open data portal - Data NSW