Enterprise Architecture


Enterprise architecture enables NSW Government clusters to design, transform & optimise their organisation to achieve simple seamless customer experiences whilst reducing operational costs.

When you understand how your customer experience relates to all parts of your business, you can identify problems and opportunities related to policy, suppliers/partners, people, process, information & systems.

Enterprise architecture is useful if you need to do the following:

  • Improve customer & business experiences
  • Identify cost savings, operational efficiencies
  • Build a business, digital or technology strategy
  • Develop change implementation plans & investment roadmaps
  • Minimise change impact & benefit risk
  • Leverage technology and innovation

Support and guidance

The digital.nsw enterprise architecture function provides guidance and support for the following;

  • The NSW Customer & Digital Strategy, Beyond Digital
  • Cluster 10-year ICT/Digital plan development & maintenance
  • NSW state digital assets (reusable digital platforms and services)
  • NSW enterprise architecture toolkit and repository
  • General guidance regarding establishment or use of enterprise architecture
  • Involvement in the NSW Strategy, Investment & Architecture ComPrac

The digital.nsw enterprise function at the NSW Department of Customer Service is chair to the enterprise architecture community of practice, the “NSW Strategy, Investment & Architecture ComPrac”. This community is comprised of experts across all clusters within NSW Government who support each other by sharing best practice, artefacts, and experience.

NSW Strategy, Investment & Architecture Principles

The NSW Strategy, Investment and Architecture principles provide a framework for strategic decision making to enable the NSW Government clusters and agencies to achieve their strategic objectives. The principles cover a range of capabilities pertinent in today’s digital era - new ways of working, use of technology, data driven practices, privacy by design approach, business transformation and digital design practices.  The principles have a strong focus on the customer and are aligned with the NSW Customer & Digital Strategy – Beyond Digital.

We are currently drafting a set of architecture principles that will support the NSW Design Standards. For a copy of the draft principles and to find out more, please contact us via NSW Strategy, Investment & Architecture channel on Digital.NSW Community.

Get in touch

For more information or to join NSW Strategy, Investment & Architecture ComPrac, please email [email protected] with your name, agency, email address, title and phone number.

For more information about Beyond Digital Strategy, please email [email protected].


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