NSW Government is transforming into a data-informed public service. This will help us deliver better policies and services to customers.

Evidence-based policy and service design requires access to accurate, machine-readable and safeguarded data. Multiple projects are underway to improve the quality of, and accessibility of, government datasets.

We are committed to ensuring government held data is safe and secure, protected by world class information management protocols.

The NSW public sector is responding to the changing needs of customers, opening up its data to users through platforms like Environment’s platform to Share and Enable Environmental Data (SEED) and BOCSAR's Crime Mapping Tool. These projects demonstrate the power of overlaying multiple geospatial datasets to build a picture that delivers powerful insights, faster.

NSW dMarketplace will be launched across the NSW government in December 2017, with a public launch sometime in 2018. The updated data.NSW site will offer new tools and workflows to provide a simple, secure and seamless platform to discover, access, interpret and visualise data. The platform will enable improved data access management, including secure access to shared data through secure managed agreements. The NSW dMarketplace is the next step in our data journey and continues our commitment to ensuring the people of NSW get greater access to more of the data that is of interest to them.

NSW Government has also committed a team of data experts to provide insights into complex policy problems. The first of its kind in Australia, the NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) was established in August 2015 to unlock the power of big data. It leads technical, methodological and practice capabilities in whole-of-government data analytics. NSW DAC projects improve health and well-being, safety, social, economic and environmental outcomes.


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