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Data.NSW - dMarketplace Program

Data.NSW is also known as the dMarketplace and is the next step in the NSW Government data journey. It continues our commitment to ensuring the people of NSW get greater access to more of the data that is of interest to them, through improving the availability and usability of data.

Data.NSW is an ambitious, whole-of-government program that has been designed to establish NSW Government as an exemplar of 21st century data driven government.

The Data.NSW program is the platforms, practice, policy and guidance mechanisms to support improved discovery, access and use of open, shared and spatial data in NSW. The program was initiated by the NSW Department of Customer Service and its purpose is to simplify and improve data use, management and maturity across NSW. 

This will be enabled by creating an environment for NSW Government users and the public that will provide access to data and a wealth of guidance, expertise and services.  Each of the elements of this environment will be designed in conjunction with data owners and users.

The program has three key components.

  • Data policy – What policy environment is needed to support a fully data-enabled government?
  • Data practice – What support, guidance and collaboration forums can help all areas of NSW government to improve their data practices, drive greater data sharing and leverage the power of data in their business?
  • Data platforms – How does technology help support this vision?

The Department of Customer Service has released the Data.NSW environment. This new environment provides a ‘TripAdvisor’ service for government data. It:

  • makes over 9000 government datasets from across NSW government available
  • gives people the power to review data
  • creates a collaborative forum where people can discuss data and data needs
  • enables user generated content to be developed, so people can tell stories about how they are using and deriving value from government data
  • provides authorised NSW government users with access to a shared data portal, where NSW government agencies can share data to deliver better policy and improved customer service in today’s digital era.

We follow human-centred design principles and welcome feedback about the program. Feedback can be provided via the Data.NSW forum, Twitter, the Feedback Assist widget on the right of all NSW Government websites or email

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