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Our COVID Response

The New South Wales and Victorian border has been closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. To support and efficiently manage border closures, we have launched the NSW Border Permit. This is a digital permit to help facilitate border closure and enforcement, to protect the citizens of NSW from coronavirus. It’s exciting to know that this was built within 36 hours, which is a big achievement. 

This is a simple and easy to use form available on Service NSW, which citizens can complete to obtain a permit. It has been used by Victorian and NSW citizens who required access to NSW as they return home, or to provide essential and critical services in NSW or Victoria.

Thank you for making each step nice and clear. I guess those who are working on this project are under lots of pressure and deadlines. We appreciate your hard work for the community “ said one customer.

With the help of this initiative, customers have been able to access an automated digital form in the time for urgent border closures. Furthermore, it has enabled enforcement officers to validate border permits by using simple QR codes. Since the launch, more than 500,000 permits have been issued, and the customer satisfaction rating has been 96.9%.

Apply for a COVID-19 NSW border entry permit now.


COVID-19 Border Permit