View real time and reliable Digital Twin of our physical environment now

We have delivered the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and one of the largest Digital Twins in the world. The Digital Twin is a complete, current, accurate and reliable 4D framework model for our physical environment that combines digital modelling with real-time function for eight local government areas (LGAs) in Western Sydney.

The Digital Twin visualises current infrastructure across the Western Sydney region including features like roads, hospitals, schools and libraries. This includes both above and below ground data, that includes pulling in data from utilities such as water and energy. This creates a comprehensive visualization of both current and planned future infrastructure that can incorporate Building Information Models (BIMs) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

It is a powerful tool that will enable better land use, built environment and infrastructure planning and development, government services tracking, natural resource management, emergency services planning, stakeholder and citizen engagement and communication.

Learn more about Digital Twin or watch the video below.