Funding Digital Transformation

The purpose of the Digital Restart Fund (DRF) is to accelerate whole of government digital transformation. It has been designed to enable iterative, multi-disciplinary approaches to digital/ICT planning, development and service provision and will complement existing investment approaches in digital/ICT.  

Fund scope 

The DRF will fund digital initiatives that fall into the categories of: 

Life journeys, Life events

Initiatives that deliver changes that improve citizen experience across End to End journeys, with faster time to market.  

Funding is generally considered to conduct:  

  • Journey identification, exploration & mapping 
  • Implementation of recommendations for system / process reform 
  • Implementation of agency system / process change and digital solutions 

State digital assets

Solutions that create cost savings and consistent user experience through increasing agencies’ use of core and common ICT components  

Funding is generally considered to conduct:  

  • Specification development 
  • Solution build 
  • Implementation support for agencies 
  • Onboarding of any common solutions incl. Service NSW 

Legacy modernisation

Initiatives that support agency digital innovation, ICT modernisation, and re-uses State Digital Assets 

Funding is generally considered to conduct:  

  • Map end user needs and prototype solutions 
  • Conduct market research 
  • Build change and implementation plans 
  • Establish program governance and recruit leadership 
  • Build a better business case 

Enabling capabilities 

Building and nurturing digital capability across the public sector. 

Funding is generally considered for:

  • Enabling capabilities for all above categories - including (but not limited to) digital capability uplift  

Unsuitable funding requests for the DRF include those seeking funding for:  

  • General research and development activities outside the purpose, scope and principles.  
  • Scaling: The full rollout of a live service, including the decommissioning of outdated existing services. Instead, these requests should follow the existing Treasury capital investment process.  
  • Operating: The normal operation of a service should be covered within an agencies existing budget. 

Who is eligible?  

To access the DRF, digital initiatives must:   

  1. Originate from a General Government Agency as listed in NSW Budget Paper No. 1 
  2. Promote transformation across NSW Government agencies (e.g. funding multi-disciplinary teams, working in modern ways, for the needs of customers, collaboration and transparency, service design principles and process) 
  3. Accelerate priority digital investments, and is not a substitute for existing agency investment in digital transformation 
  4. Deliver a Life journey, Life event service or a state digital asset, or accelerate legacy modernisation or digital capability

How to apply for funding  

1. Approach the Fund

Services approach the DRF and will be assessed against the DRF’s purpose, scope and eligibility.  

2. Apply for Funding

The DRF team works with services to prepare a business case funding submission for the governance forum approval process.   

3. Approval of Funds

Step 1: Working Group (NSW Treasury, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Department of Customer Service) meets monthly and reviews applications against DRF purpose, scope, principles and benefit delivery and then makes funding recommendations 

Step 2: Governance forums meet monthly to prioritise and endorse DRF funding applications:  

  • Customer Journeys and Life Events (Delivery and Performance Senior Officers Group)
  • State Digital Assets and Legacy (IDLG), and capabilities (Public Service Commission) 

Step 3: Delivery and Performance Committee of Cabinet (DapCo) approves requests $5M and under. Expenditure Review Committee approves requests $5M and over, as well as reviews DaPCo decisions.

4. Release of Funds

Letter of Confirmation sent to funding recipients outlining the conditions of approval and next steps.    

5. Deliver & Assure Services

DCS ICT Digital Investment and Assurance team will work with initiatives to develop a Digital Assurance Plan, which will also enable regular progress reporting to DapCo.   

6. Reapply or Exit

Services will be assessed against their initiative’s objectives and deliverables. DRF will work with services to examine additional funding opportunities.      

Want to know more 

To discuss the eligibility and pre-screening process please contact the DRF team at


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