Is my project eligible?

If you are from a NSW Government agency, your digital project is eligible if it delivers: 

Life journeys/life events

Improving people’s experience by providing tailored access to all the service-related interactions they have at points in their journey through a life event (eg. having a baby). Your project will improve the customer experience by identifying gaps and opportunities in NSW government processes and creating efficiencies in service delivery

State digital assets

A product or service that can be used across or between more than one NSW government agency to provide consistent experiences for customers, minimise duplication and save money (eg. Health records management as a service or NSW Point). 

Legacy modernisation 

Legacy Systems are systems that are no longer fit for purpose, pose significant risk to business, and are costly and slow to change. Such systems are a result of multiple and tightly coupled technical dependencies and it is generally difficult to find resources to maintain them. Your project will be transforming Legacy Systems in order to reduce IT environment complexity, costs & risks, and increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and improve process flexibility.  

Enabling capabilities 

Your project will build the skillset of NSW government employees so they can better support and sustain innovative practices and customer services. Your project should provide government employees with opportunities and resources to utilise new and existing technologies and to adopt new approaches to working


Projects that will not receive Digital Restart funding

  • Physical Infrastructure, i.e. non-ICT infrastructure; building structures.  
  • Local government, not including projects that are working with State Government (eg. Smart Cities) 
  • Business as usual technology run costs 
  • Projects already fully funded by other funding sources 
  • Operating technology (e.g. card scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, signals) 
  • General innovation lab funding: you must have a specific project that is focussed on a specific customer outcome 
  • Proposals focused on software licensing or current budget shortfalls 
  • Multi-year funding proposals (even if under $5 million). This fund is iterative. If you receive seed funding and your project is successful, you can always apply again to fund the next steps of your project 
  • Requests from the delivery partner, rather than the agency responsible for delivering the project (for example cluster labs/accelerators) 


If you don’t think you meet the criteria, there may be other funding options available for your project. You need to speak to your Chief Financial Officer or the project management office in your cluster or NSW Treasury. 

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