Pipeline Prioritisation November 2020

Frequently asked questions

We’ve just been through a thorough process with all the clusters to build a pipeline of projects that are eligible for upcoming rounds of funding from the Digital Restart Fund. We looked at 283 projects, with a total value of more than $3 billion from all over NSW Government to work out which ones should progress to the next step in the funding process. 

Last Thursday 19 November the Digital Restart Fund Steering Committee endorsed the prioritised list – we have sent this list to all cluster CIOs. To find out which of cluster projects are in the current pipeline, please email [email protected]  

What happens next? 

For projects that are in the pipeline, get in touch with your Cluster PMO because you will need to start preparing your business case

Readiness will be one of the biggest factors that will determine which business cases will proceed to assessment by the Digital Restart Fund Steering Committee or the Delivery and Performance Committee.  

Getting into the pipeline does not guarantee that your project will receive funding. Each business case will be judged on its merits. Do not underestimate the effort that is required to prepare a successful business case. Check your facts, understand the problem you are trying to solve, align your project with the NSW Design Standards and be clear on project outcomes. Make sure you allow enough time for us to review your business cases (assurance) before they are submitted for approval. 

How did we come up with the final list? 

We worked with clusters extensively over the last few months:

We developed a global list of projects that meet initial criteria aligned with the objectives of the Digital Restart Fund. This criteria has been developed and refined with Treasury, to ensure an informed and fair view of projects being put forward for investment consideration. (over 20 sessions with clusters) 

  1. We finalised project numbers and details (over 10 sessions)
  2. We agreed on project ranking in terms of strategic alignment, value to the state and customer outcomes. Project risks and ease of implementation of the projects was also taken into account during the ranking process. 

The pipeline was then presented to the Customer Service Council, the Public Service Commission and the ICT and Digital Leadership Group before going to the Digital Restart Fund Steering Committee. 

I thought I knew what was going into the pipeline… why did it change? 

There are more projects than there are funds. We had to come up with a way to make sure that we maximised the value of the fund to NSW customers.  

It is through the next step that your project may have moved from where you expected it to be in the pipeline. By ensuring equal representation between the clusters, ranking projects that maximised value for NSW customers, ensuring that we were still allocating funding to seed projects and distributing projects among the four priorities of the fund, the final project list may not reflect your cluster’s top priorities. 

Is this it? Will there be other opportunities for the projects that didn’t make it into the pipeline? 

Should all of the projects in the pipeline receive funding, this will represent a significant part of the $1.6billion Digital Restart Fund. We are still in the first year of the three years allocated for the fund and while there will be more opportunities to seek funding from the Digital Restart Fund next year, projects will need to meet the objectives of the fund and be clearly on their cluster’s roadmap. 

We look at the pipeline every quarter. If your project didn't make it in this time, there will be an opportunity to look at cluster priorities in February 2021. Get in touch with your cluster representative to find out where your project sits on your cluster's current priorities.

If your project is not on the pipeline you should consider alternate funding sources – seeking funding from within your cluster, considering Restart NSW or approaching Treasury directly. 


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