The OneGov team at Department of Customer Service works closely with teams across the sector to develop technology solutions and deliver digital services for the citizen

Our most popular services

  • Digital consultancy – to help you define the right digital strategy and implementation for any transformation in partnership with highly experienced specialist government consultants.
  • Platform-as-a-service – so you can digitise and streamline transactions without purchasing the needed infrastructure yourself. We offer agnostic, end-to-end platform and infrastructure choices.
  • Big data – to take full advantage of the gigabytes of data available to understand trends, citizens and your agency’s operations. Allowing you to generate historical reports, as well as uncover vital insights in real time.  
  • APIs, customer applications and data sharing – to enable successful system integration and the seamless, secure movement of data between you and your citizen-users.
  • Digital design – focused on solving your problems effectively, rather than investing in excess technologies. Digital design has a proven track record in government-scale customer applications using lean and agile methodologies.

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