NSW AI Ethics Framework


This framework is a practical “how-to” guide for the NSW Government to use AI to improve customer service and public trust.

It aims to help agency practitioners:

  1. Clarify policy intent in AI systems
  2. Design and measure ethical outcomes
  3. Raise awareness of (inevitable) ethical trade-offs
  4. Improve process and culture for decision explainability and technical reliability



  • Advice on data-driven automated systems that involve customers and impact the public services they receive.
  • Establish Whole-of-Government principles, guidance and tools to help agencies assess risks and procure, build and implement AI solutions.    



The framework is developed using a customer-centred design (human centred design) methodology. We started with and focused on understanding the challenges and needs of AI users, develop an early prototype of the framework and then continue to design and test the strategy with users to ensure it is fit for purpose, usable and future-ready.


Framework and User Guide

The first version of the framework and user guide will be completed and released in 2020. It will be a living document and will be updated regularly as technology changes.

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