Salesforce Timeline

Timeline displays your client’s upcoming, current, and past activities.

Timeline is a vertical display of information. It shows events or actions in chronological order. Events or actions are standard and custom objects related to a parent record (such as a person). When a you click on an item, you go to the record detail.

What problem is the solution solving?

Complex case management can involve many people and interactions over an extended time period. Digital systems tend to have discrete, topic-based information. Arranging topics chronologically allows you to:

  • quickly understand the most recent and planned interactions
  • gain a perspective on the number, type and period of interactions over the complete history of your client.

What are the benefits?

Having a picture of the chronological order of activities gives you a quick and easy understanding of your client’s history.


Timeline allows an administrator to:

  • select the types of objects to list
  • select the key fields and icons to display
  • display objects to two levels down.

Users of Timeline can:

  • change sort order
  • add or remove object types displayed and
  • filter by keywords.

Timeline component showing upcoming events

Timeline component filter
Timeline component search filter
  • Department of Community and Justice (formerly Department of Family and Community Services) for their ChildStory program using Salesforce Classic
  • NSW Department of Education and Training uses Salesforce Lightning.

Timeline documentation is supplied on an as-is-basis. There is no ongoing support from Department of Community and Justice or Department of Education and Training.

We recommend you work with a qualified Salesforce partner who will provide implementation and support services.

For more information, contact Salesforce Asia Pacific

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