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Engagement and trust

Trust in government can improve the success of public policies, leading to greater regulations compliance, public health responses, and the tax system. In the long term, trust assists the government in tackling large-scale societal challenges such as climate change, ageing populations, and changing labour markets. Uplifting government digital services is fundamental to building trust in government.

OneCX | DRF | Digital NSW


Information structured on user need

The OneCX Program is transforming the digital experience of the NSW Government by building as the single location for customers to find information, complete a task or provide feedback. The customer experience has been improved by migrating 122 websites to, with focus areas of Health, Regional NSW, Education, Regulation and Life Events. 1,767 outdated and duplicated pages were removed from individual agency websites, helping to build one single source of truth and increase trust in government.

In 2022-23, over 2.6 million people visited each month. The OneCX program has helped make government content more inclusive by improving content accessibility by 20% when migrating content to As well as this, 480 staff across government have received training to enhance their digital capabilities and manage their pages autonomously. The OneCX Program has won several awards, including the Customer Transformation Project of the Year at the 2022 Customer Service Institute of Australia Awards.

Digital Birth Certificate | DRF | Digital NSW

Digital Birth Certificate

Digitising Australia’s cornerstone identity document

The NSW Government is making it more secure and convenient for Australians to access and use their birth certificates via a Digital Birth Certificate app. This will speed up interactions with government and unlock access to critical public services such as getting a passport or driver’s license, voting, or opening a bank account. The project, led by NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) is in a pilot phase, which includes a limited trial with the Department of Customer Service team and members of the public.

NSW-born citizens will be the first to access their digital birth certificates in 2024 with a nationwide launch to follow. Benefits include improved privacy protection and data security, productivity gains for BDM registries with less costly production and distribution, and a more seamless, fully online customer experience.