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Government Technology Platforms

Creating world-class digital experiences, platforms and solutions.


We are custodians of core and common platforms that serve the citizens and businesses of NSW. Our focus is on customer need and how to deliver digital solutions that make interacting with government effortless and safe.

We have built a best-in-class digital team unparalleled in global public service. Through leadership, collaboration and partnership we strive to set a new standard in the delivery of digital government.

Mandated or preferred technologies that deliver key NSW Government services

Licence NSW
Regulation NSW
Customer Payments Platform (CPP)
Virtual Contact Centre (VCC)
Experience Management
Knowledge Management
Government Data Centres (GovDC)

Digital NSW Accelerator (DNA)
Technology Services
Digital Services

HazardWatch Ecosystem

Discover answers to common questions on our products, services, and policies through concise and informative explanations. Simplifying your experience is our priority, so dive into our FAQ section for quick and easy solutions.

Why work with us?

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Co-design with our partners and customers to create the best customer-centric experiences
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End-to-end delivery and support
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Economies of scale at a whole of government level
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Developing core and common platforms that are scalable and easily rolled out to the whole-of-government (WofG) architecture
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Secure and compliant. ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified
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Continual improvement loops and measurement

We know that strong cyber security defences are vital to protecting the data of our citizens and businesses and to ensuring trust in government services. We take data security very seriously and are constantly working to make sure your data is kept private, secure and disposed of when no longer in use.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the international standards that show teams how to build products and services that are accessible for every person, no matter their abilities or circumstances. These pages have been designed aiming to meet the current version (2.1) at Level AA.

Working with GTP is easy and in many cases a procurement exercise is not necessary. By using existing NSW Government arrangements, agencies can leverage whole-of-government economies of scale. Our team operates on a cost-recovery basis, improving our value proposition to agencies who partner with us.

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