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Improved decision-making

The importance of using data to reduce risk, measure effectiveness, adapt to changes and decrease bias in decision-making is well-established. Accurate and efficient data-driven decisions rely on quality data. The DRF has supported numerous digital initiatives designed to improve the decision-making potential of governments and private sector organisations.

Live NSW | DRF | Digital NSW

Live NSW

An ecosystem of data, platforms and governance

Live NSW is a key enabler of the NSW digital economy and digital society, and is the pathway to Smart Precincts, Smart Cities and Smart NSW. Live NSW provides access to data from across NSW Government including emergency services, transport, schools, health services, utilities, environmental information and more.

It’s expected to generate $948M of benefits across the State’s economy by 2031 by enabling efficient planning and faster delivery of infrastructure. It will also facilitate better emergency planning, response and recovery by providing access to critical spatial data where and when it’s needed.

Asset AI | DRF | Digital NSW

Asset AI

Creating safer roads and communities through AI

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics 2022, Australian governments spend more than $8 billion annually maintaining and renewing roads. The Asset AI project has the potential to help councils across NSW and the NSW Government streamline road maintenance by using near-real-time data on the condition of roads. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Asset AI aims to revolutionise road maintenance and operations, making roads safer for our communities.

Asset AI involves fixing sensors and cameras to public transport and council vehicles to generate data on roads incidentally. The data is then analysed using AI, which helps identify and track road defects (such as potholes and cracks) earlier so the council can repair them sooner. This trial by Transport for NSW is also expected to identify triggers for road defects, improving preventative maintenance scheduling. The project targets an efficiency gain of 10% in managing public assets, measured as a reduction of maintenance backlog after 12 months of using Asset AI.

This project is part of the Smart Places Acceleration Program.

Tell Your Story Once | DRF | Digital NSW

Tell Your Story Once

Efficient government for disaster effected communities

People affected by disasters must repeat personal information at multiple stages of evacuation and recovery. Recounting this information during significant emotional and financial distress is disheartening. The Tell Your Story Once project is a crucial initiative of Service NSW in partnership with various NSW Government agencies and Non-Government Organisations. The project enables a more coordinated disaster recovery approach by securely sharing customer registration information with consent across NSW Government agencies, reducing the number of times people need to repeat their information when applying for help.

DRF funding to date has allowed for a successful partnership with the Reconstruction Authority NSW (formerly Resilience NSW) and the Department of Communities and Justice. This cross-agency multi-disciplinary team have improved information accessibility for applicants, increased customer satisfaction and set the foundation for a recovery journey. They’ve reduced time taken for customers to register with and be referred to support providers and the administration time by streamlining data pathways that consolidate relevant customer information. 

Creating safer crowded places | DRF | Digital NSW

Creating Safer Crowded Places

Improving crowd safety at Sydney Olympic Park

The Creating Safer Crowded Places initiative uses advanced analytics technologies to improve crowd safety during significant events at Sydney Olympic Park. The operations team receives real- time insights on changes in crowd mood and movement generated using de-identified security camera footage with environment and social media data.

By incorporating privacy-enhancing safety measures, this program helps to keep people attending events at Sydney Olympic Park safe and improves their extensive event experience while protecting their privacy.