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Digital accessibility is not just a technical consideration, it's a commitment to inclusivity and a recognition of the diverse ways people interact with technology. By educating yourself on digital accessibility, you empower yourself to integrate inclusive practices into your daily tasks, ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us on this journey to create a more accessible and equitable digital environment for everyone.


Accessibility NSW learning modules

This module serves as your gateway to understanding the essential principles of digital accessibility. This course will equip you with the foundational knowledge needed to create digital content that can be enjoyed by everyone. Join us on this educational journey, and let's collectively contribute to a more accessible and inclusive digital landscape.

This module explores all the things you need to know about creating accessible documents for everyone. This course will give you the knowledge and practical tips needed to ensure that your documents are following NSW guidelines, are easy to navigate and that your content is understandable by a wider audience. So let’s get started on creating more inclusive and engaging experience for your readers.

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'I can't even access anything. I have trouble finding stuff, so I can't imagine how difficult it would be for someone with disability'

— Accessibility NSW research participant

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'When it's accessible... it's better for everyone to consume'

— Accessibility NSW research participant


If you need any assistance or have questions about the information on this page, please email us at To report an accessibility barrier with NSW Government’s online content, use our web accessibility report form.