Digital and ICT Investment Strategy (DIIS)

The Digital and ICT Investment Strategy (DIIS), approved by the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet (ERC) in April 2022, is a whole of government strategy playing a key role in driving digital and ICT strategic alignment, transformation, and investment across NSW Government.

The DIIS sets out guardrails which will help NSW Government: 

  • Make defensible investment decisions on ICT and digital projects, building the foundations to grow the digital economy
  • Create sustainable Digital and ICT funding pathways for digital state priorities and growth ambition
  • Optimise operations in support of strategies, investments, and delivery for ICT and digital with appropriate governance and assurance.

Digital Transformation Board (DTB)

Under the Digital and ICT Investment Strategy, DCS is establishing a Digital Transformation Board to oversee strategy, prioritisation, investment, and program assurance.

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