Beyond Digital

Beyond Digital sets the strategic directions and objectives for NSW to continue its exciting journey in becoming a leading customer-centric, digitally-enabled government.

Rising to the challenge of rapid change

Fires, floods, and a pandemic that closed our offices, shops and social lives has meant two years of unprecedented and unpredictable change.

As businesses and communities struggled to adjust, delivering smart, simple, and seamless personalised experiences to everyone became more than a vision; it became our mission.

More than ever, we want the people of NSW to be confident that their government is transparent, working in the best interest, and fiercely protecting their privacy.

And we wanted to double down on creating useful, inclusive, and easy to access services and experiences.

Lessons learned and beliefs confirmed

As we watched our economy shaken and tested, we knew we must maximise digital channels to stimulate industry growth, generate economic activity and boost jobs.

To do that, we must digitise all government services, invest in technological breakthroughs, and create an extensive partner ecosystem.

And we need to help key industries such as construction, tourism, agriculture, and the green economy, to reform and innovate.

Beyond Digital confirms our commitment but, with your help, insights, and feedback, it will continue to evolve and improve over time.

By working together, we’ll design and build world-class government services for today, going beyond digital, and preparing for whatever the future holds.


Strategic directions

Put customer at the centre

Customers should only Tell Us Once, or better still, with their consent, we proactively anticipate needs, so they don’t need to tell us at all.

Build a strong digital economy

Invest in partnerships and innovation to improve productivity and maximise customer outcomes.

Engage and use data insights

Make customer-driven decisions to create services that directly meet customer needs.

Deliver safe and resilient services

Seek outcomes that ensure citizens and businesses are safe and supported.

Develop capabilities for the future

Invest in the people who will innovate, design and deliver great outcomes for our customers.

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