Cloud strategy and policy

Cloud has become the new standard for how information technology services are consumed. It is the on-demand consumption of computing services and resources, such as servers and storage, over the internet. Cloud enables the NSW Government to consume information technology as a commodity and to increase the scalability, flexibility and speed of delivering digital services. NSW government agencies aspire to make greater use of cloud services, however, there are several challenges across the sector hindering adoption and consumption of public cloud.

A contemporary and consistent Cloud Strategy and Cloud Policy will enable the NSW Government to address these challenges and achieve government-wide adoption of public cloud services in an aligned and secure manner, which will accelerate innovation, modernise service delivery and drive better outcomes for the citizens of NSW. This will also support the delivery of the Beyond Digital Strategy; specifically, two of the five strategic directions: ‘Deliver Better Frontline Technology’ and ‘Invest for Customer Outcomes’.

The Cloud Strategy will apply to all NSW government clusters and agencies. State Owned Corporations will not be required to adopt the Strategy, but it will be recommended for adoption.

The Cloud Policy will mandate that NSW agencies use public cloud services by default and use Government Data Centres (GovDC) by exception.

Cloud strategy

The NSW Government Cloud Strategy sets the vision, principles, and outcomes for cloud use across NSW Government, as well as the roadmap for overcoming existing challenges.

Cloud policy

The NSW Government Cloud Policy guides and direct agency cloud use, in line with existing procurement and security guidance, to ensure use of cloud services is efficient, secure and financially sound.