Digital collaboration tools

Remote digital collaborationKnow what tools and resources are available to help you connect and collaborate with others while you work remotely.

Not every team will have access to all tools, resources or software. Talk to your internal ICT team first to check what you can use.  

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Explore the cards below to know what tools are available for each activity.

Communicate with others

Find the right tool to help you communicate, no matter the size of your audience

Manage tasks and projects

Coordinate team activities, and keep track of progress

Create ideas

Generate and communicate new ideas

Co-author documents

Write, edit and manage content

Share knowledge

Capture and keep a record of knowledge

Work across networks

Working effectively with people not on the same network

Tools index

The software and platforms used for collaboration

Follow cyber security best practice

Protect your identity and data

Cluster training resources

Examples of training resources developed across the sector to support collaboration