Our vision is to transform the lives of NSW citizens and communities by designing polices that are smart, simple and seamless.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security NSW aims to provide the NSW Government with an integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats. By building a stronger cyber resilience across whole of government, Cyber Security NSW is able to support the economic growth, prosperity and efficiency of NSW.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence focuses on improved service delivery and government decision-making. It plays a key role in automating inefficient and manual processes so we can deliver better value to our customers

Smart Infrastructure Policy

The Smart Infrastructure Policy is a key enabler for Smart Places. It aims to help NSW Government design, build and operate connected communities that support NSW citizens.

Cloud Strategy & Policy

Cloud strategy and policy enables the NSW Government to consume information technology as a commodity and to increase the scalability, flexibility and speed of delivering digital services.

Managing Data & Information

Mandatory requirements to ensure cyber security risks to their information and systems are appropriately managed

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers significant benefits to NSW government and citizens by generating intelligent data that can enable better decision making and provide better services.

Buying ICT

We see data culture and data practice as essential components that support legislation and policy, and technical solutions to enable better decision making.