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Our vision is to transform the lives of NSW citizens and communities by designing polices that are smart, simple and seamless.

Artificial Intelligence focuses on improved service delivery and government decision-making. It plays a key role in automating inefficient and manual processes so we can deliver better value to our customers.

Cloud strategy and policy enables the NSW Government to consume information technology as a commodity and to increase the scalability, flexibility and speed of delivering digital services.

Cyber Security NSW develops cyber security policies for the NSW Government, providing a guiding framework for all entities.

The NSW Government Data Strategy sets out the government’s vision to deliver better outcomes for the community by putting data at the heart of decision-making through a collaborative, consistent and safe approach to using and sharing data.

ICT Assurance is an independent risk-based assurance framework that makes sure projects are on track. It involves Gateway Reviews and periodic health checks at key points in a project's lifecycle.

The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers significant benefits to NSW government and citizens by generating intelligent data that can enable better decision making and provide better services.

In a digital society, connectivity is the main driver for inclusion and active participation. It ensures we have a strong economy able to grow, a modern and smart government, and resilient and safe communities.

The Smart Infrastructure Policy is a key enabler for Smart Places. It aims to help NSW Government design, build and operate connected communities that support NSW citizens.

Department of Customer Service (DCS) commissioned a report from the Gradient Institute, into the impact, risks and opportunities provided by the Metaverse.