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Regulatory reform

Increasing government process productivity to create seamless customer journeys are a cornerstone of digital transformation. Through safe data collation, NSW citizens no longer must repeat information when requesting government support, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Initiatives that reduce the regulatory burden on citizens and businesses when using NSW Government services are central to DRF has investment.

Digital Identity | DRF | Digital NSW

NSW Digital Identity

Verifying identity in a convenient and secure way

NSW Digital Identity will allow the communities of NSW to verify their identity conveniently and securely while also controlling what personal information they share with organisations. It will take the hassle out of tasks such as accessing government services, applying for a license or grant, opening a new bank account, and changing utility providers.

NSW Digital ID will also provide greater accessibility, particularly in communities with disabilities and those that are time-poor or live in rural or regional areas. The Department of Customer Service has piloted a beta version with small community groups, and Licence NSW, and digital identity legislation is being developed in NSW to strengthen community protections.

eRegulation | DRF | Digital NSW


Secure regulatory experiences for NSW

The NSW eRegulation strategy sets out to create easy and secure digital licensing and regulatory experiences for NSW customers and businesses under its two programs: the Licensing Program and the Complaints, Compliance and Enforcement (CCE) Program.

The DRF has supported the eRegulation strategy and subsequent projects through investment for over four years. When delivered in full, the Licensing Program is estimated to deliver over $600 million in benefits to customers largely through time savings.

Licensing project achievements

Did you know that digitising licensing processes can protect workers and communities across our state? So far, the Licensing Program has delivered various innovative products, including digital trade licences for contractors, high-risk work, and white cards. Details include:

  • Licence NSW launched, digitising licence application and renewal processes
  • 14 product releases for customers, with 23 internal regulator product releases
  • 41 integrated services created for Licence NSW to enable quicker, easier transactions
  • more than 89,960 digital trade licence downloads onto customers’ phones
  • >29,000 Service NSW Centre visits avoided
  • >227,000 days contributed to the NSW economy through time savings in licence processes
  • >$51 million of benefits were realised in 2022-23.

CCE project achievements

The Complaints, Compliance and Enforcement (CCE) Program supports the NSW Government’s objective to deliver an all of NSW Government digital regulatory solution that creates a connected and seamless experience for businesses, regulators and the government. Benefits include:

  • Regulation NSW launched for Fair Trading automotive complaints and enquiries, enabling NSW regulators with current, proactive, risk-based regulatory practices
  • supported front-line resourcing through reducing manual processes
  • saved 8,529 licences in the Licence Manager tool of the Service NSW Business Profile
  • 78,000 licences have been searched on the platform since launch.
ePlanning | DRF | Digital NSW


Council applications made easy

Did you know that NSW customers can now submit planning applications such as Development Applications (DAs) and Modification DAs digitally? Hosting over 250,000 registered users, including all 128 councils and over 2,500 private certifiers, the ePlanning portal is improving the planning system in NSW.

In 2021, more than 101,400 DAs with an estimated total cost of development of $97.19 billion were submitted through the Development Application Online digital service. Through the delivery of a consistent and accessible customer experience and improved systems, the ePlanning portal will position NSW as one of the most advanced digital planning systems in the world.

Since 1 July 2021, the ePlanning portal has received more than 12 million unique page views. As of October 2022, customer satisfaction is at 85.7% ‘thumbs up’ based on 78,000 responses.

eConstruction | DRF | Digital NSW


Restoring consumer confidence in high-rise apartment living

eConstruction is building digital platforms to ensure NSW produces trustworthy residential apartment buildings for our customers to live in. By capturing information critical to industry accountability and regulation standards, eConstruction will support the delivery of end-to-end quality assurance for consumers, suppliers, and builders. The digital platforms delivered by eConstruction aim to restore confidence in the NSW building industry and move towards information symmetry.

The project has reduced impact of defects on strata owners and tenants, resulting in a potential saving of $36,207 per apartment. Over $1.82 million in levies has been collected from 136 expected completion notices after legislation went live on 4 July 2022.

The introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners audit of designs before the start of the building work has led to cost savings that will be calculated as part of Construct NSW KPIs.