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Digital Restart Fund

The Digital Restart Fund (DRF) supports digital and information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives across the government sector.

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Life Journeys, Life Events

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State Digital Assets

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Front Line Systems Modernisation

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Enabling Capabilities

PoAs list potential projects for funding

Portfolio of Agencies (PoAs) update digital investment plans which list projects that may be eligible for funding.

DTB prioritise a pipeline of projects

Projects that meet Fund eligibility can then be prioritised in a pipeline by the Digital Transformation Board (DTB).

Prioritised projects meet requirements

Prioritised scale and seed projects complete and comply with relevant requirements.

The Minister approves and funds projects

The Minister approves projects on recommendation of the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service.

Projects receive funding

Business cases are reviewed, and funds are released following a series of approvals.

Projects report and close initiatives

Teams monitor and report progress. 
They close their initiative once project objectives are met.

For support with your application, contact the Digital Restart Fund team:

DRF success stories

The Digital Restart Fund is supporting digital, information and communication technology initiatives across all of NSW Government. Explore the multi-disciplinary projects benefiting NSW in the stories below.

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Discover projects improving access to digital services for all NSW citizens.

Explore DRF supported projects creating positive environmental change for NSW.

Learn about the projects creating NSW Government customer satisfaction.

Using accurate data to improve decision-making processes in NSW.

Find digital initiatives building citizen’s trust in government.

Read about DRF initiatives improving communities wellbeing through digital.