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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Strategy, policy and practical resources guiding Artificial Intelligence in government.

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Artificial Intelligence in NSW Government 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most rapidly changing fields in the world. In NSW Government, we already use AI to help maintain trains, protect endangered species, and help communities access information and government services. The key to guiding a positive outcome for the AI revolution is strategy.

As we embrace the use of AI in government, it’s vital to remember that behind every algorithm is a human who created it. When unchecked, AI can magnify everyday bias and cause unintended harm at scale. Government has a responsibility to acknowledge these issues and advocate for its ethical use.

The NSW AI Strategy has recognised AI’s challenges and is charting a course for the safe use of AI in government. This includes considering the ethics of AI use, the challenges in buying third-party AI products, and the need to increase our expert AI skills inside NSW government.

The NSW AI Advisory Committee provides oversight and governance on AI use in government. The Committee has been pivotal in building community trust in our work and has been instrumental in developing the AI Assurance Framework, which will enable us to assure our AI projects against the NSW AI Ethics Framework.

In collaboration with AI experts and informed by industry standards, we've initiated the release of AI guidelines. We aim to demystify AI, making it accessible and safe for public servants, thereby enhancing their productivity. These guidelines bridge the gap between complex technical standards and our workforce. As the technology and capabilities progress, we're committed to continuously refining and expanding these standards.


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