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Design System

A toolkit to help digital product teams create good customer experiences quickly.

Who should use it

The NSW Design System can be used by any department, even if you're not using digital.nsw component kits. The components are UI building blocks, providing a consistent approach to UI and UX designers and engineers.

How it works

View core styles, browse components, read guidance on how they can be used, and follow links to documented UI kits in Figma, HTML, and react.

🔹 How to meet brand requirements

You’ll need to use some features of the design system to be brand compliant. These are indicated with a 🔹 blue diamond.

Getting started

Before jumping in, explore the layers of the NSW Design System, theming for your brand and accessing the Figma UI kit.

Get set up by installing our starter kits, theming for your brand and accessing the utility classes.

Core styles

Use these digital styles for a distinctly NSW Government look and feel.


Best practice design solutions for specific user-focused tasks and page types.

Nswg pictogram line computer issues blue01 2

Report an issue

View and raise issues and bugs through our Issues tracker on Github or report a bug on the Digital NSW community.

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Whether proposing a component or building a new one, its your contribution that will help us deliver better services for NSW.

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Join the discussion

The Digital NSW Community brings together like-minded people to collaborate and share to create better customer experiences.

Consulting with community

Shape the requirements of components and patterns by contributing feedback, learnings and insights.

Component Status Contribute
Passwords pattern In progress Join the community thread
Slider filter In progress Join the community thread


Components and patterns that have been requested by digital teams or identified by the Design System team for potential use by digital creators.

Component Status Contribute
Landing page header section Not started Start a community thread
Card carousel Not started Start a community thread
Date picker Not started Start a community thread

Stay up to date

Get notified when there’s an update or new release in the design system, you can either join our Digital NSW Community or watch the NSW Design System Github.