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Delivery manual

Learn how applying our agile delivery approach – no matter where you work in public service – results in better services for all of NSW.

Phases of agile delivery

Create a strong foundation by ensuring everyone has a common understanding of the problem to solve, next steps and desired outcomes.
Understand who uses your service, their challenges, and what motivates their behaviour to design better solutions.
Test hypotheses and different approaches with users rapidly to determine how to best meet identified user needs.
Turn best-performing prototype into a working “minimum viable product” - the quickest and simplest version of a service to meet basic user needs and provide value.
Build all of the main features in the backlog and improve continuously.
At some point, users may no longer need the service. Government policy changes can make a service obsolete, or a new service may better meet the same user needs.

Solve the right problems

Taking time to understand who uses a service and investigating underlying issues before building a solution helps you design a service that truly meets people's needs as well as policy goals.

Reduce risk

Testing potential solutions directly with users and capturing their feedback early in the design process ensures that a service is on the right track and will work well for the people who will eventually be using it.

Save money

Making small, iterative adjustments as you design and build a service ensures that good ideas are implemented properly the first time and avoids big, costly fixes later on.