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The Digital Service Toolkit provides a library of developer built government building blocks, technology partner architecture and APIs.

API.NSW is a service developed by the NSW Department of Customer Service to help promote innovation in NSW. The service is designed to give technology developers, researchers and other parties access to a range of APIs (Application Programming Interface) as well as publishing their APIs for others to access.

Data.NSW provides a secure platform and resources to support agencies to share their data. Ultimately this will help NSW government to build better products and services for the community.

This solution is also commonly known as Thumbs-up Thumbs-down (TUTD). Sentiment check is a whole of government widget used to capture real-time customer sentiment for digital products or services.

Source: Department of Customer Service

Get feedback on your product or service fast.

Integrating with a Salesforce case management instance, this can be hosted for you, or Feedback assist can be integrated into your existing Salesforce or electronic complaint management system. 

Source: Department of Customer Service

Reliable, authoritative, real-time address validation service.

Access APIs to integrate into your online forms and applications to enable customer address validation at point of entry. Eliminate errors and format geocoded address data and records which can facilitate reporting and analytics.

Source: DSC Spatial Services

Service NSW omni-channel reference architecture (OCRA) delivers customer services uniformly across multiple delivery channels. OCRA enables the customer to switch channels seamlessly without the need to restart the service.

Source: Service NSW

Service Point is an anonymised transaction reporting service developed by Spatial Services to facilitate location based reporting for NSW Government.

Source: DSC Spatial Services