ICT Metrics Program

ICT Metrics Program

The NSW Government ICT Metrics Program is a multi-source data collection initiative that captures information and communications technology (ICT) expenditure, volumetric data and measures, to inform the NSW Government’s ICT strategic direction.

Front cover of the ICT Metrics Report 2016-17

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Purpose of the ICT Metrics Report

The ICT Metrics Report, produced annually, highlights major trends in digital service delivery and technology uptake by tracking key focus areas of ICT expenditure, personnel, investment and service capabilities year on year. This report provides the results from the ICT Survey and related sources for 2016–17 during which the NSW Government spent $3.08 billion through its clusters and agencies on ICT to facilitate public sector service delivery and service reform. Data was collected from more than 40 NSW Government agencies in 2016–17. Benchmarking information is included to provide a comparison.

About the ICT Metrics Program

The ICT metrics report has been presenting and interpreting data on ICT services and capabilities each year since 2012.

The ICT Metrics Program:

  • measures the extent to which NSW Government agency ICT expenditure supports the delivery of key digital service capabilities

  • provides transparent and comparable ICT expenditure reporting, to enable agency evaluation of performance against a whole-of-government perspective

  • captures information on technology trends to inform the Government’s ICT strategic direction.

In NSW, we are committed to using digital to put more power in the hands of citizens and deliver better services, when and where people need them. Our vision is to transform life in NSW by designing policies and services that are smart, simple and seamless.

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