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How buying cloud through buy.nsw can improve and accelerate your procurement.

In a recent survey of our early adopters, one of our buyers asked:

“Why would I use buy.nsw instead of just going direct to a seller?”

It’s a good question to ask of a new service. So here are our top three reasons why you should use buy.nsw.

1. Speed

As a NSW Government buyer, if you need cloud software, hosting or infrastructure, you need to go to market.

With buy.nsw, you can quickly identify potentially suitable products and suppliers using standardised, qualitative and quantitative information, that’s just a few clicks away.

You can review potential sellers using their supplied business information, including:
— disclosures
— financial information
— insurance certificates

And you can review 89 points of product data, including:
— on/offboarding
— support
— reporting/analytics
— backup and recovery
— security standards and practices

2. Smarts

If you go to market for cloud, how do you know what you need to know?

For example, what are the cloud procurement technical standards and how do they apply? Which ISO standards are important? And are your shortlisted sellers on the ICT Services Scheme?

There are so many things to consider but the good news is, we’ve considered it all for you. What you need to know, is what we’ve already published about each product.

In a way, looking through a buy.nsw product listing is a good guide as to what’s important to know about a cloud product or service. Every seller provides 89 points of data about their product. And, before they appear in buy.nsw, they need to be approved, so the data is checked.

Plus, buy.nsw is now how cloud businesses onboard to the ICT Services Scheme, so you know every seller on the platform is already on the scheme.

3. The more you use it, the better it gets

buy.nsw is an agile platform, which means it’s evolving all the time. Since our launch on 31 May this year, we’ve had new buyers and sellers joining the platform almost every day. We currently have 133 registered buyers, 56 approved sellers, and a growing range of products, some of which have the highest levels of security certification.

Plus, the more people use the platform, the more we learn about our users’ needs. We translate these insights into new features that improve your experience.

If you have any feedback about buy.nsw, or if you'd like to take part in user research, you can email us at [email protected].

buy.nsw is being delivered by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. To find out more, visit buy.nsw.gov.au