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Cyber Security Summit NSW | Digital NSW

Cyber security Data Digital

Against an increasingly challenging cyber landscape, Cyber Security NSW has continued bolstering the cyber resilience of the NSW Government.

Graphic of four women and text that says Digital NSW International Women’s Day

Digital Transformation

As International Women's Day is upon us, I have taken a moment to reflect on not only my career but the incredible strides made by women in

Diversity and inclusion | Digital NSW


Digital transformation in government often brings to mind the release of cutting-edge digital products and technology. However

SDS Round Table Hero | Digital NSW

Digital Transformation

The State Digital Strategy steers NSW toward being a leading digital government that serves the diverse needs of its communities and

SIMPaCT Sensor | Digital NSW


Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns (SIMPaCT) is an innovative new approach to using and conserving water to cool our urban

AI Guidelines: Using artificial intelligence in the NSW public sector

Artificial Intelligence Digital

The NSW Government has recently released AI Guidelines to encourage the responsible use of generative AI by the public sector workforce

Two people looking at laptop | Digital NSW

Accessibility Digital Digital Design System Transformation

At the heart of innovation lies collaboration, and we’d like to invite you to play a pivotal role in helping us shape the future of the NSW

Hands tablet | Digital NSW

Data Digital

The State Digital Asset (SDA) Reuse Policy is a significant development in NSW’s digital transformation journey. The policy was approved by

Multiple devices | Digital NSW


The Digital Restart Fund (DRF) has transformed the way the NSW Government invests in digital projects. The innovative funding model allows

CPP Partner Workshop

Digital Service Delivery

Read highlights from the latest Customer Payment Platform event, where industry experts spoke about the future of payments in Australia.

Cyber Security NSW 2022 Year in Review

Cyber security Data Digital

In 2022 Cyber Security NSW made notable achievements towards its vision of a cyber-secure NSW Government. Among a host of other

Licensing Program $20 million milestone

Digital Life Journeys Service Delivery

The NSW Licensing program has hit $20 million benefits realised, giving back more than 934,800 hours to customers and businesses by saving