Retiring a service

At some point, users may no longer need the service. Government policy changes can make a service obsolete, or a new service may better meet the same user needs.

When this does happen, support users through the transition. For some users, it may be a significant change. Make sure they are aware of the changes and understand how they will impact them. If a new or different service will meet their same needs, tell them about it.

Track performance and triggers for when you might retire a service.

Make sure users know:

  • what is changing or being cancelled and why
  • how they will be impacted
  • how to ensure their needs will still be met
  • what will happen to their data or any outstanding service issues

Always make sure that contact centres, frontline staff and other support structures know about the changes and are able to support users through the process.

This content is based on work by the Ontario Digital Service and draws on GOV.UK's Retiring your service guide (licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence).

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