Department of Customer Service Resources

Department of Customer Service has implemented the guidelines and technology to support working remotely. All information available on the Department of customer service intranet.

Additionally, guides to working from home during COVID-19 have been specifically designed to help employees across the department working remotely in response to the pandamic.

Due to different uses cases some agencies under DCS may have developed agency specific content. Please check with your ICT support team for more information.

Training and Resources

DCS intranet contains support content for Microsoft Office 365, including helpful guides to answer questions such as "when to use what" and "what goes where". 

Additionally, interactives self led training courses are available through the employee development, learning and performance portal, myCareer. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Successful Flexible working
  • Managing (newly) remote teams
  • Office 365 tools
  • Information security

Community and Support

'DCS Better Ways' is a yammer group that provides tips and help for DCS systems. It was created to support the implementation of flexible working and the migration to cloud platforms like Microsoft Office 365.

If you are a DCS employee, search for DCS Bettter Ways in Yammer to join.

dcs yammer screenshot

For further information you can contact

Bronwyn McCutcheon - Business Consultant, ICT information management

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