TAFE NSW Microsoft Office 365 Adoption

In 2019, TAFE NSW invested significant effort and resources to increase adoption of Office 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams. There were multiple drivers for this program including:

  • Supporting staff to move files off local network drives and into cloud storage solutions of OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Maximising staff adoption to take full benefit of existing contract terms
  • Improve efficiency of staff collaborating on files in dispersed teams
  • Transitioning staff from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams due to EOL announcement
  • Preparing staff for students being transitioned from gmail into Outlook mail
  • Enabling collaboration of teachers with students in Office 365 environment

Rollout Steps

  1. Developed Staff Personas including core needs, training & adoption considerations and how O365 may be of benefit to each.
  2. Mapped the whole organization
  3. Created support framework
  4. Developed Resource bank of sessions plans, PowerPoints, quick reference guides, flyers, self-serve training Moodle, short MicroByte videos and Intranet support page.
  5. Built Office 365 facilitator and champion network
  6. Identified key support roles to focus training to support teachers in future
  7. Conducted Manager and individual pulse check surveys on confidence and skill level in Office 365 applications using MS Forms
  8. Based on Form results for each cohort, a Tailored Cohort Support Plan was developed and sent back to the Manager of the Unit for approval.
  9. Once approved, a Training Plan was developed for each cohort
  10. Intensive two week online training sessions, called Learning Dives were conducted. The training was “at your desk” and delivered using Microsoft Teams.
  11. Anonymous evaluation form was provided at end of each training session.

For further information you can contact:

Tyrone McGillick, Manager Advanced Learning Technologies on [email protected]