Transport for NSW Collaboration Ecosystem

Transport NSW collaboration ecosystem bannerTransport for NSW has chosen Microsoft Office 365 as it’s end user collaboration ecosystem. Office 365 features modern tools that make collaborating and connecting with colleagues so much easier, and being a cloud based solution means our people can access services on-demand from multiple devices, helping everyone to collaborate while work remotely.

How is Transport supporting our staff working remotely?

Microsoft Teams is at the centre of Transport for NSW’s remote working and collaboration experience. Teams is the anchor of the Office 365 ecosystem and is able to surface many of the Office 365 tools such as Planner and Yammer, however it’s extensive capabilities can be daunting!

To ensure everyone gets the most out of Teams and Office 365, Transport had intended to undertake face to face training for over 25,000 people right across NSW. The rapid transition to remote working resulting from COVID-19 served as both a challenge and opportunity to re-think how we could support changed ways of working through alternative learning pathways. Transport’s Digital Experience & Adoption team (DEA) was able to reprioritise their pipeline of work to focus on developing quick reference guides, videos, a dedicated learning website, an online support community in Yammer and interactive webinars run through Microsoft Teams.

About the Team

The Digital Experience & Adoption (DEA) Team is Transport’s dedicated digital learning and adoption-focused team within Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture. 

Drawing from learning, communications, technology and analysis disciplines, DEA’s team members work to support the delivery and adoption of technology delivered through transitional projects, as well as supporting the continual evolution of cloud-based evergreen digital products such as the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Together the team designs bespoke learning interventions designed to deliver targeted and timely artefacts such as instructional videos, interactive webinars, Quick Reference Guides, face to face training to support employees to experiencing IT-related change. Most recently DEA has led Transport’s education around the use of IT to ensure a smooth transition to productive remote working.

For further information you can contact:

Melinda Young – Manager, Digital Experience & Adoption

Adrian Buxton – Director, Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture

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