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Find the right tool for what you need in this tools index. Check with your ICT team to know more about what tools you should use for the types of information you manage.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365* is a set of cloud based productivity tools and integrated cloud services. It enables secure collaboration across your team, no matter where they are. You can also seamlessly access all your applications and files across all your compatible devices with the right security settings.

The NSW Government has an enterprise agreement for Microsoft Office 365.

Your agency ICT team can help you find out what products you have access to.

*Microsoft Office 365 is now Microsoft 365.

OneDrive logo OneDrive for business

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud file storage service that lets you share files, folders with any one on any device. It brings the following features:

  • Share inside or outside your organization
  • Work together in real-time on Office documents
  • Quickly find the files that matter to you
  • Keep your files protected and backed up
  • Synch files to desktop/laptop for offline or low bandwidth access

Microsoft training for OneDrive

Onenote OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that's organised by sections and pages, and contains tools to draw or annotate your ideas. You can:

  • Type notes or record audio at your laptop
  • Sketch or write ideas on your tablet
  • Add picture from your phone
  • Find notes using the search function
  • Freely move notes around the page
  • Organize those pages into sections
  • Keep your sections in one or more notebooks
  • Switch devices and pick up right where you left off
  • Share your notebooks with others so you can all view and contribute at the same time

Microsoft training for OneNote

Planner logo Planner

Organise your team’s tasks from anywhere and any device. You can:

  • Create new plans, assign tasks, and share files with others
  • Organize teamwork and collaborate on projects in a simple, visual way
  • Chat with others to make sure you're on the same page

Microsoft training for Planner

Project Logo Project

Microsoft Project is aimed at project managers overseeing projects of any size. The project methodology can also vary between agile and waterfall, and anywhere inbetween. Microsoft Project comes in two versions, Project online and Project Professional, and are two separate services.

Microsoft training for Project

Skype logo Skype for Business

Skype for business lets you connect with co-workers or business partners in your company of around the world via instant messaging, voice or video calls. It can also be used for webinars to broadcast to a large audience. Microsoft will be transitioning Skype for Business users to Teams

Microsoft training for Skype for business

Sharepoint Logo Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a collaboration platform where you can:

  • Build websites for internal or external communication
  • Store and share documents and content so anyone can work securely with you
  • Create a unique space for your team and share all your updates, news and content
  • Manage your daily routine with workflows, forms and lists

Microsoft training for Sharepoint

Stream logo Stream

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video service where people in your organisation can upload, view and share videos securely. Stream can be used to schedule, produce, and deliver live events from within Yammer, and Teams for up to 10,000 active concurrent viewers. You can share:

  • recordings of classes
  • meetings
  • presentations
  • training sessions
  • any video that aid collaboration

What is Microsoft Stream

Using Stream to deliver live events

Teams logo Teams

Teams is a hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate with anyone in one place, from wherever you are. You can:

  • Find or create channels to have focused conversations or store relevant files
  • Schedule and join meetings that are synced to your Outlook calendar
  • Call anyone, if it is setup for your teams instance 
  • See the team activities, replies, mentions in one place

Microsoft Teams introduction

Working remotely with Teams

Microsoft 365 Training for Teams

Free LinkedIn learning Teams tips and tricks

Microsoft Teams instructor-led training

Microsoft Teams working from home instructor led training

Microsoft Teams ondemand learning YouTube

Teams logo Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams Live Events is an extension of Teams meetings that enable you to schedule and produce events that stream to large online audiences, such as company wide events and announcements. Use Live Events when you have more than 250 participants, and up to a total of 10,000 (the maximum have been temporarily lifted to 20,000 until July 2020).

What are Teams live events and how to run one

Whiteboard logo Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free-form, digital canvas where people, content, and ideas come together. Whiteboard enables teams to collaborate in real time, wherever you are, and is designed for pen, touch, and keyboard. Microsoft Whiteboard can be used stand alone, or enabled inside Microsoft Teams. 

Enable Microsoft Whiteboard for your organisation

Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Word logo Powerpoint logo Excel logo Word, PowerPoint, Excel

Word, PowerPoint and Excel are Microsoft’s cloud based productivity tool that lets you work on documents together with any other Microsoft user, in real time. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and OneDrive to provide access to documents anywhere and on any device.

Microsoft 365 training for Word

Microsoft 365 training for PowerPoint

Microsoft 365 training for Excel

Yammer logo Yammer

Yammer is an enterprise social network platform that lets you:

  • Connect and engage across your organisation
  • Join groups to stay informed
  • Tap into the knowledge of others
  • User you Inbox to view, prioritise, and manage the most important messages and announcements
  • Search for experts, conversations, and files

Microsoft training for Yammer

Additional Resources

Microsoft 365 learning pathways

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atlassian logoAtlassian

Atlassian is an Australian cloud service provider and software develper offering a range of tools to:

  • track, manage and release software products
  • manage business projects that require a workflow
  • provide customer support
  • support code and knowledge management

jira logoJira

Jira is a platform to help teams plan, assign, track, report and manage work. It adopts the agile methodology by default but can be used in other project methodologies. It comes in three flavours, the following two are relevant to remote working:

  • Jira Software – Plan, track and release software
  • Jira Core – Manage any business project including marketing campaigns, HR onboarding, approvals, etc.

How to use Jira

confluence logoConfluence

Confluence is a team workspace where the focus is on collaboration on knowledge. It features:

  • concurrent editing of versioned content
  • encourages social interaction on content across the enterprise, e.g. comments and actions
  • numerous templates to kick start content
  • can incorporate information and tasks from other Atlassian products, like Jira plans.

Confluence 101

Confluence Cloud Support

trello logoTrello

Trello is an easy, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. Typical use cases include, project task tracking, sprint planning, kanban board, design board, team boards, remote brainstorming session. It features:

  • simple intuitive drag and drop interface to organize tasks and boards
  • colourful labels to categorise tasks and boards
  • large collection of template to kick start any project
  • integration with third party services, e.g. Microsoft Teams, Confluence, etc

Trello Guide

slack logoSlack

Slack enables collaboration using channels, where messaging, tools, and files come together, and is easily searchable. It features:

  • access to multiple channels
  • voice or video calls, and screen sharing
  • file sharing
  • integration with third party services, e.g. Jira tasks, Trello boards, OneDrive file sharing

Slack 101

miro logoMiro

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboarding platform. Use cases range from brainstorming with digital sticky notes, to mapping of user stories,  to planning and managing agile workflows. It features:

  • free form whiteboard and tools to aid design
  • large collection of templates to kick start any brainstorming, mapping, design, or planning session
  • create your own templates
  • messaging, voice, video, and screen sharing
  • integration with third party applications, e.g. Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Slack, etc

Getting started with Miro

google iconGoogle GSuite

The Google G Suite is a collection of tools aimed at businesses to help teams work together. It features:

  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides lets you create content with anyone, in real time.
  • Google Drive lets you share your files with anyone, securely
  • Google Chat, providing messaging platform for your team to keep track of tasks
  • Google Meet lets you video conference anyone.

Working remotely with G Suite

dtopbox logoDropbox

Dropbox is a secure cloud file sharing service that integrates with many third party applications, like Microsoft 365, Slack, Trello, etc. It comes in two flavours, Individual and Business. In addition to the standard file sharing features offered by the Dropbox Individual, Dropbox Business adds the following features:

  • centralised team content and team management
  • device level access control
  • HIPAA compliance 
  • unlimited storage space

Learn Dropbox

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