Plan a project

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Plan to set up your project for success.

The service design and delivery process is an agile approach. It helps the team build a service for the whole user experience. This might include connecting or replacing products owned by different parts of government.

Know the records you will be collecting from your users, what your users need and the people you should have in your team to design and deliver your service.

Design for record keeping

Embed into your design and build process. Align with your business needs and service delivery.

Who you'll need and when

Ensuring you have the right team at each stage of the project

Multidisciplinary delivery teams

Job descriptions for the roles you will need to deliver digital products and services

Working with contractors

How to bring in outside help to fill gaps in your team

Agile approach to service delivery

A new way of delivering government services to build the right thing for users

Phases of agile delivery

From Discovery to Go-Live, there are key steps and outcomes to each phase of delivery

Define the problem

Define the problem or opportunity to address, using evidence, before developing solutions.

Identify and align outcomes

Identify the outcomes the service needs to achieve and ensure the service aligns with strategic priorities.