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API.NSW is a service developed by the NSW Department of Customer Service to help promote innovation in NSW. The service is designed to give technology developers, researchers and other parties access to a range of APIs (Application Programming Interface) as well as publishing their APIs for others to access.

If you are looking for an API to use in your digital product or service, please browse the available repositories below.


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Fuel API

The Fuel API has been developed as a means of accessing live pricing across all current NSW service stations. The NSW Government collects and publishes the standard retail prices of all prescribed fuels sold at every service station in NSW. This data is available for the estimated 2500 petrol stations with live pricing and fuel presently available by each location.

Many consumers and businesses in NSW rely on the knowledge that they have access to the cheapest petrol in their area. This API (Application Programming Interface) may be used for purposes such as the development of mobile apps, websites and enterprise systems as well as long term analytical reports.

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Security API

Security guards, locksmiths and other security professionals provide a valuable service to our community. This set of APIs provides a means of accessing publicly available data to check the status of a NSW security licence, whether a person has a security licence and what services a licensed security officer is approved to perform.

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Property Industry Licensing API

If you are thinking of using a real estate agent or property manager, customers should first check that they have a valid licence. This API has been developed to enable real time browsing, verification and obtaining of NSW government property industry licensing information for real estate agents, strata agents, property managers, stock and station agents and more.

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Tradie API

There are thousands of licensed tradespeople in NSW. This API is created to provide publicly available licensing information including: whether a tradesperson is licensed to carry out a particular work or if a tradesperson’s licence is current or expired.

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Liquor API

The Liquor API has been developed for browsing, verifying and obtaining detailed information on various liquor licences, related parties, conditions and premises that can be used by individuals and/or businesses.

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NSW eTendering search API

NSW eTendering is an online tendering system used by NSW Government agencies to make available information about tendering opportunities. The API makes all eTendering data (RFTs, Schemes, CANs, SONs, and PPs) available on demand in a standard machine-readable format.

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