NSW Point

NSW Point illustrationWhole-of-Government Address Management is provided by Spatial Services to NSW Government Organisations through a range of services, NSW Point real time address validation, NSW Point Bulk Address Validation of existing data sets and Service Point to enable location-based reporting.


Designed to be embedded into online forms and applications, NSW Point allows users to validate the physical and postal addresses of their customers, at the point of data entry.

Whole-of-Government Address Management is available to all NSW government agencies, with NSW Point and Service Point provided by Spatial Services free of charge. Fees may apply to Bulk Address Validation services in accordance with our pricing policy.

How is it solving the problem?

Customers provide their addresses to government agencies every day. It is one of the main pieces of information required in most government transactions.

Spatial Services has developed Whole-of-Government Addressing to improve customer experience and provide valuable reporting tools by offering:

NSW Point  - real time address validation

NSW Point Bulk Address Validation  - for existing datasets

Service Point  - to enable location-based reporting.

NSW Point can be used to:

  • verify addresses in government databases against authoritative state and national address datasets to ensure their validity
  • geocode address data which enables spatial analysis 
  • standardised predictive address validation in online forms, across NSW Government.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved data accuracy via access to verified national address repository
  • Reduced keystrokes using predictive address suggestions
  • Improved customer experience with a seamless data entry experience across agencies.

Is it right for my project?

This service is valuable if you use any address or spatial data in your product.

To embed the address widget into your online customer portal you must have javascript and HTML capabilities within your web page. 

The NSW Point team is available to assist if your address data needs are more complex than outlined, for example, if you have a high volume of address validations required daily. Contact details are in the Support tab.


NSW Point Version 1

This consisted of an embeddable online form widget and web service access enabling clients to validate the address against an authoritative source at time of input. 

Clients could customise the returned data from a validated address to suit their needs. 

The return data included:

  • geocode location 
  • postal address 
  • LGA
  • state and Commonwealth electoral boundaries
  • ABS Mesh Block
  • statistical areas
  • property parcel information within NSW. 

* NSW Point V1 is no longer available for new users and will be phased out by March 2021.

NSW Point Version 2

Spatial Services has improved the predictive functionality, providing more logical suggestions and the inclusion of postal address suggestions in response to user feedback.

New features include:

  • enhanced predictive address validation - including physical and postal addresses
  • ability to extensively customise return data
  • improved standardisation and consistency between the services
  • dedicated Mailpoint service which includes Australia Post’s delivery point
  • integration with Service Point
  • improved NSW Point address widget combining version 2 enhancements into a single customisable package
  • combined default dataset that includes all addresses from GNAF, GNAF Live and PSMA Mail Address
  • ability to filter address suggestions to only return physical or postal addresses
  • new and improved fuzzy logic for address suggestions powered by Machine Learning.

NSW Point Bulk Address Validation

Agencies can request the validation of large volumes of address data. The data is automatically authenticated against state, national and postal address datasets.

Data is then assessed for quality and improved by standardising and adding features such as:

  • geocode for location
  • administrative boundaries
  • a map showing geocode results including administrative boundaries
  • it can also be customised to your requirements.

This can be supplied as an independent service however, it provides a foundational address dataset to then build on by implementing NSW Point. Fees may apply to Bulk Address Validation services.

Contact the Spatial Services team for further information or visit the website  https://point.digital.nsw.gov.au/


Spatial Services e-Commerce

Spatial Services has embedded NSW Point Address Widget into its e-Commerce application for clients ordering mapping and spatial products.  The clients address is validated during the data entry process and in doing this ensures the goods are received without delay to a verified address.

e-commerce case study screenshot

My Community Project

Service NSW used the NSW Point address validation for the My Community Project

My Community Project screenshot

Custodian agency and contact

Spatial Services

Department of Customer Service

Service Delivery Team

PO Box 143, Bathurst NSW 2795

T: 02 6332 8287

W: https://point.digital.nsw.gov.au/

E: [email protected]


Spatial Services will provide you with a Test and Development (T&D) Agreement for signature prior to enabling of API Web Service. The T&D will provide access to the current Production version of NSW Point. The service is available free of charge to an agreed transaction cap.

Agencies interested in NSW Point or Bulk Address Validation should complete the related Client Survey which will assist Spatial Services in assessing your requirements.

API key

Once a T&D agreement is signed the nominated user will be issued an API key to allow access to the service.  

Standards and Specifications

Supplied address formats comply with:

  • The NSW Address User Manual published by Geographical Names Board (GNB)
  • The National Address Management Framework (NAMF)
  • AS4819 – Rural and urban addressing standard
  • AS4590 – Interchange of client information standard


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