Salesforce Advanced Printing

Print and collate large numbers of records or file related to your clients.

Advanced printing gives you the ability to collate and print large numbers of records and files related to a Salesforce object.

Example use cases include print “everything” for a court case.

It is used in conjunction with a document generation app such as Conga or Drawloop.

What problem is the solution solving?

Some Salesforce App Exchange Apps help extract and print Salesforce data and attachments. These Apps have a limitation on the number or size of files that can be printed in a single job. Advanced Printing extends these apps, allowing you to:

  • select
  • sort
  • print (both structured and unstructured data) in a single job.

What are the benefits?

Without the advanced printing function, printing “everything” would be a difficult, tedious job prone to error.

Advanced printing allows the creation of “bundles” that can be processed by the Document generation Tool. One bundle can be up to 35MB and contains thousands of pages.


  • Advanced Printing Component UI
  • Print all or selected documents associated with Salesforce Object, up to 35MB.


Export and print functions explained

Figure filter screen

Department of Community and Justice (formerly Department of Family and Community Services) uses Advanced Printing for the ChildStory program. They use Salesforce Classic.

Advanced Printing is supplied on an as-is-basis. There is no ongoing support from Department of Community and Justice. 

We recommend you work with a qualified Salesforce partner who will provide implementation and support services.

For more information, contact Salesforce Asia Pacific

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