Salesforce Genogram

A Genogram is a graph that shows the connections of family members and other important relationships. It helps you to get the full picture of your client’s circumstances.

Genograms (or family maps) show the visual relationships between people. People are represented as a symbol connected by lines. Each symbol outlines specific information about the relationship between people.

What problem is the solution solving?

Relationships are inherently complex. Many families can have more than 50 people. Clicking between screens can make it difficult to see these relationships. The ability to visually represent this information in one place makes it easy to see the relationship cross the family.


If a client has a history of causing harm to a child, going to their record and seeing all related people shows the other people who may be at risk.genogram map

What are the benefits?

The symbols can be mapped to any object, not just people. For example, it may represent owners and properties, directors and companies, or chemicals and products. This helps the user make easier connections between different objects, leading to less time spent on resolving the issue.

  • Genogram Component UI
  • Network Component UI
  • Configuration Objects.

map of network diagram

Genogram is used in the ChildStory program at Department of Community and Justice (formerly Department of Family and Community Services). They use it with Salesforce Classic, the uplift to Lightning will require additional services.

Genogram documentation is supplied on an as-is-basis. There is no ongoing support from Department of Community and Justice.

We recommend you work with a qualified Salesforce partner who will provide implementation and support services.

For more information, contact Salesforce Asia Pacific

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