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The GTP OneGov team works closely with teams across the sector to develop technology solutions - from digital licence platform to enterprise applications development and digital transformation partnership to enable delivery of digital services for the citizens

Government Licensing System (GLS) enables licensing system jurisdictional agencies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and on-going support of their licensing programs- providing a comprehensive and fully integrated system, into a single platform.
Development of applications based on the governments digital design standards including custom portals, native app and public or private web development.
Our customer feedback solutions have been designed to help you understand your customers’ real time needs, pain points and areas of positive change.
To enable successful system integration and the seamless, secure movement of data between you and your citizen-users.
To take full advantage of the gigabytes of data available to understand trends, citizens and your agency’s operations.
Managing your customer interactions across all channels. Allowing your agency to automatically collect and organise customer interactions into one easy place – improving service.
To help you define the right digital strategy and implementation for any transformation in partnership with highly experienced specialist government consultants.