The NSW Design System is a toolkit of design, components and guidance for everyone creating distinctly NSW digital products and services.

It helps us create unified, trusted, inclusive and audience centered digital experiences for our users that are clearly simple, current and purposeful.

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How to use the NSW Design System

The Standards

The NSW Design Standards help people working in government build user-centred digital services.

The standards outline the key things to consider when building government services in NSW, including privacy, security, accessibility and branding. 

Create with purpose

Know what we’re aiming to achieve and why

Respect privacy and maintain security

Build trust and confidence

Design with users, for users

Meet user needs

Reuse and repurpose

Avoid reinventing the wheel

Monitor, manage and evolve

Respond and adapt to change

Be open, accountable and collaborative

Share and be transparent


To assist creators deliver on the tenets of the standard there is supporting content on style, accessibility, components and project delivery guides.