Design System

The NSW Design System is a way for people in government to design products and services that are distinctly NSW. It’s a toolkit to help us to create consistent, user-focused experiences for our customers.  

Who is it for? 

  • Individuals or teams who seek direction and guidance to achieve a desired outcome. You’re eager to up-skill your teams in user-centred design to a level of confidence. You would like to collaborate to avoid mistakes. 

  • Teams with digital maturity who want to know the mandatory and minimum requirements. You want to reduce development time and cost, deliver a consistent whole of government experience, and share learnings with the community. 

  • Contractors and suppliers who need to know what’s mandatory to deliver products and services for government. You need to know about styles and UI patterns to design a NSW product. 

We continuously ask for input from experts across government, so that our system is best practice and relevant. 

Getting started 

Create and improve your services using the design standards, guides and building blocks.